Nike’s Soccer Socks Will Replace Traditional Cleats

Nike’s Soccer Socks Will Replace Traditional Cleats
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Flyknit technology used to micro engineer every inch of new footwear.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 march 2014

A soccer boot that delivers the same feeling as going barefoot is what most manufacturers aspire to, and it seems Nike has got pretty close with their latest creation, the Magista. The boot has taken four years to develop, and is essentially half-sock, half-shoe, free from many of the unnecessary “extras” associated with a traditional soccer shoe.

The boot features a Dynamic Fit Collar, which extends up past the ankle and is meant to make the shoe feel like an extension of the leg, as well as provide additional support. “The big aha moment was when we realized that we shouldn’t be designing a shoe for just the players’ foot,” says Denis Dekovic, Nike’s Global Football Design Director, “the foot is integrated with the body.”


To ensure the sock fits like a second skin, Nike adapted its Flyknit technology which makes it possible for the upper of the shoe to be knit. It also means that every thread of material can be micro-engineered with special weaves and threads to ensure a flawless transition from solid material, to sock.

Flyknit also allows different parts of the boot to be customized for different functions; such as a 3-D knit texture that creates friction to ensure accurate footwork when it comes into contact with a ball. A waterproof layer, that’s no thicker than a single sheet of paper, was also added to ensure the boot stands up to all weather conditions.

Nike’s goal isn’t just to create the latest and greatest soccer boot, but take it out of the equation completely. They want to make it seem as if soccer players are all running around barefoot, which would also mean the best possible performance.

You can see the boot in action below:


Source: Wired


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