Animated PSAs Offer A Satirical Look At The NSA [Video]

Animated PSAs Offer A Satirical Look At The NSA [Video]

Online web series wants to raise awareness about an oppressive government system that affects our daily lives.

Ross Brooks
  • 4 march 2014

Written by Joe Croson and Dan Cordella, “iN.S.A.” is an animated web series that provides a satirical view of how the NSA has overstepped its bounds and how we as Americans should be responding. The show’s tagline is the tongue-in-cheek “Protecting America from Americans Everywhere.”

Directed by Chris Burns and Bob Fox and animated by Exit73, the show is Croson’s second original Internet show after last year’s Transfurter.

Croson explained in an email to PSFK that the inspiration for the series was triggered by the idea of terrorism in the 80s.

As kids we were sold this idea that terrorism would be fought by these moral pillars and protectors of our constitution… Instead, we got the NSA.


The writer goes into more details about his motivation saying:

This is my way of trying to educate some folks about the absurdity of what we have accepted as necessity.  Sometimes it takes humor to get people to realize just how dumb a situation really is.  It’s dumb that we think we can protect ourselves by accepting the first step toward an oppressive system.

Croson knows the show won’t be able to create awareness about where America is headed as a country all by itself, but he’s confident it can provide the spark to ignite the fire. The plan is to release 5 – 10 PSAs, and the team will continue to make them for as long as there’s interest and support for the idea.

Check out the first episode of the series below:

Images via iNSA on Facebook

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