Real Estate Firm Donates Condos Like TOMS Shoes [Video]

Real Estate Firm Donates Condos Like TOMS Shoes [Video]

One-for-one business model gives Cambodian landfill communities hope.

Ross Brooks
  • 6 march 2014

TOMS could be considered the pioneer of the one-for-one model, an idea that has quickly spread to other industries, and could now even become commonplace in the real estate market. World Housing, a Vancouver-based real estate firm, has plans to donate $2,900 from the sale of each luxury condo towards housing for third-world communities that have up until now only been able to call a landfill home.

The conditions of landfill communities are the worst in the world; these people are literally surviving off of the garbage of others, spending hours a day trying to find clean water and food for their family. Receiving a home gives a stable living environment to help create a better life.


Each of the simple 130-square-foot homes are made from metal, and come equipped with doors and windows that provide proper ventilation – as well as some basic security. To keep the structures safe from flooding and disease-carrying vermin, they have also been constructed on top of stilts – all of which is easy to disassemble and move should there be an emergency, or natural disaster.

World Housing has already built already built 53 homes in Phnom Penh since they launched last year, and aims to help at least 30,000 people by 2020. Apart from Cambodia, the company’s current focus is on landfill communities based in Mexico and the Philippines, after which there are likely to be many more places that could benefit from affordable housing.


“We cannot possibly overstate the incredible social change that is created by gifting homes to the most deserving people on earth,” says Peter Dupuis, who co-founded World Housing alongside Sid Landolt.

World Housing

Source: HuffPost


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