Overprotective App Makes Sure You Get Home Okay

Overprotective App Makes Sure You Get Home Okay

Kitestring keeps tabs on the user and is a good emergency tool for solo outdoor adventurers.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 31 march 2014

Kitestring is a web app that checks up on its user via SMS and sends a message to the user’s emergency contacts if they fail to respond.

To get started with Kitestring, the user needs to add emergency contact numbers to their account. When they go out on a trip, they can simply “Start a trip” on Kitestring and key in when they expect to be back. The app will check up on the user via SMS at the time specified. The user just needs to reply to check in. If the user fails to respond, the app will send a customized text message to the user’s emergency contact.

Users can extend their estimated time of arrival if they’re running late or check in if they got in early. The app’s notification service runs on Kitestring’s servers, so the service doesn’t depend on the availability of the user’s phone.

The app seems to be perfect for those who go on trips alone and want to make sure there’s someone checking up on them. The app can also work for adventurous types or journalists working on the field.

The mobile-friendly web app was developed by Stephan Boyer, a graduate student in computer science at MIT.

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