GIFs Transform Political Rulers Into Fabulous Drag Queens [Pics]

GIFs Transform Political Rulers Into Fabulous Drag Queens [Pics]

"War Drags You Out" by artist Saint Hoax sees world leaders made up into animated cabaret performers.

Leah Gonzalez Angue
  • 11 march 2014

Saint Hoax has created a GIF art series called “War Drags You Out,” which features several world leaders transformed into heavily made-up and dressed up drag queens.

According to the artist’s website, he came up with the idea for the series after attending a drag show for the first time and realizing that the main components that make up a drag queen are similar to what makes a world leader. The components he identified include a flamboyant name, fierce persona, defining outfits, personalized hairdo, a trademark feature, and “one hell of a PR team.

In his GIF art series, Saint Hoax transformed leaders like Barrack Obama, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, George W. Bush, and more. He even gave them unique stage names to go with their faux queen personas. Obama became Baricka O’Bisha and Hussein became Madame O’ Sane.
Check out the art series on Saint Hoax’s website. View images from the series below.





Saint Hoax
Source: designboom, Visual News


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