Concept Post-Its Carry Data Like A Flash Drive [Pics]

Concept Post-Its Carry Data Like A Flash Drive [Pics]

Red Dot Award winner dataSTICKIES aims to replace the standard thumb drive.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 4 march 2014

The winner of a Red Dot Design award, dataSTICKIES is a design concept for graphene-based data drives that are stacked like the popular office supply.

Designed by Parag Anand and Aditi Singh, the concept flash drive aims to solve the inconvenience that comes with the size and positioning of USB-based data drives.

dataSTICKIES can be peeled off the stack and stuck on the Optical Data Transfer Surface, which is a panel attached to the surfaces of devices like computers, tablets, and music systems. The dataSTICKIES have a conductive adhesive layer that acts as the medium for the data transfer. When the dataSTICKIES are being accessed by a device, their edges light up.


dataSTICKIES are made of graphene, which in this case manifests itself as a flat mono-layer of carbon atoms tightly packed into a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice with a minimum thickness of one atom. A thin sheet of graphene is capable of carrying large volumes of data.

Similar to sticky notes, dataSTICKIES come in various colors and patterns to make data organization easy. Users can also write labels or notes on the top surface. The adhesive also allows the dataSTICKIES to be reused without leaving marks. Sharing a file with someone is as easy as handing over a single sticky rather than an entire drive.

Scroll through more images of dataSTICKIES below.

Sadly, this design is still in its concept form, but the minds behind it are hoping to one day bring dataSTICKIES into existence.


Source: Feel Desain, Red Dot Award

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