A Superhero Tool Belt For The Modern Protestor [Pics]

A Superhero Tool Belt For The Modern Protestor [Pics]

Design students imagine fashionable aids to give people confidence during protests.

Lin Qiu
  • 19 march 2014

In a time full of political turmoil and civil unrest, it’s no surprise that the ‘Product, Brand and Experience’ class at the New York School of Visual Arts received the assignment to create ‘Consumer Products for Protestors.’ Students Damon Ahola and Richard Clarkson took a cue from Batman’s trusty utility belt to design B.Super, a set of tools that will aid any design-minded protestor.

The B.Super brand sprang from Clarkson’s idea of transforming the average protestor into a superhero, hoping that the tools will “allow you to hope for the best, yet be equipped for the worst.”


Each tool comes in a brown paper bag with a minimalist outline drawing of its contents, which is also labeled according to the item’s unique purpose and a color strip to indicate the item’s color.

There is a lemon juicer/dispenser named ‘relieve’ that counteracts the burning of pepper spray in case any gets in your eyes. ‘Breath’ is a respirator mask. ‘Disguise’ is a fake moustache kit to help you elude authorities (perhaps by blending in with a group of hipsters). ‘Hide’ is an identity securing system in the form of a mask. ‘Declare’ is a rewritable roll-out fabric sign with its own red marker to help you display whatever passionate words come to mind. Naturally there is duct tape, which is named ‘repair.’ The starter kit, called ’empower,’ comes with the belt and three tools.




According to the designers:

While this is a speculative product, it would be incredible to see these tools in use at an actual protest. However more realistically, we expect it would exist as a lifestyle product—something you would have on display in your home. In that light, we envision the B. Super product line to be sold at fashion-forward retailers such as Opening Ceremony in Manhattan and high-end skateboard shops like Homage Brooklyn.



Sources: Products of Design, Core77

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