Fitness Tracker Offers Real-Time Tips Like A Personal Trainer [Video]

Fitness Tracker Offers Real-Time Tips Like A Personal Trainer [Video]

Wearable tech that offers instant feedback about your technique for five different sports.

Ross Brooks
  • 3 march 2014

Most fitness trackers do just that, track your workouts and provide you with feedback after the fact. While this can lead to improvements, it’s difficult to implement changes with so much delay in between new information. Moov on the other hand, is a wearable device that provides a constant stream of feedback to enhance your performance in real-time. It’s available for five different sports so far, and incorporates the knowledge of various coaches and athletes to ensure accurate results.

The five sports available when the device launches later this year include running, biking, swimming, cardio boxing, and weight training. You can measure a whole range of information such as punch rate, running pace, and pedalling speed, depending on which part of your body you decide to attach Moov to.

Each sport is measured with a different app available for iOS, with Android apps on the horizon as well. While the app interface is much like any other fitness tracker, it’s the intimate details of your performance that Moov can capture which will really impress you. There are already plans for golf and yoga apps, but when you consider the options available, there are countless other sports that could join the roster.


Moov has taken nearly a decade of research on the part of Nikola Hu, Meng Li, and Tony Yuan, the company’s co-founders. They worked with Harvard, Stanford, US Army researchers, and various teams of certified trainers to develop a system that process the information necessary to offer advice while you exercise – instead of after you’ve already incurred an injury or solidified poor technique.

The full retail price for the device will be $120, but you can get hold of one for $59.95 if you preorder at the company’s website.


Source: The Verge

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