Spanish chef develops app with Japanese mobile fragrance device to create 4D menu experience.

The idea of Smell-O-Vision has been approached by many in the past, including MTV, John Waters, and Steve Urkel…usually with spotty results. But Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of the triple Michelin-starred Spanish restaurant Mugaritz wants to reinvent the idea and let people sample his dishes through sights as well as smell with the help of a smartphone attachment called Scentee.

We've seen the Japanese made device before, working with an app called Hana Takiniku (“Nose Grilled Meat”) to help people stay true to their diets with the power of scent. Chef Aduriz has been working with the same company to create a new app so that users looking through his menu will also receive a corresponding burst of tentalizing fragrance from the Scentee attachment. This new app could not only help lure in new customers, but would also be an awesome addition to social sharing apps like Pinterest.

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