Restaurant Tablets Serve As Both Gaming And Ordering Devices

Restaurant Tablets Serve As Both Gaming And Ordering Devices

Buffalo Wild Wings is turning its electronic trivia platform into a new communication system for diners and staff.

Leah Gonzalez Angue
  • 12 march 2014

Restaurants and business are constantly coming up with new ways to improve their customers’ dining experience. Recently, Pizza Hut came out with a concept touchscreen tablet that lets diners visualize and customize their orders.

In line with the growing trend of creating interactive experiences for their diners, sports bar and restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings is expanding its current electronic trivia gaming platform and turning it into a communication system that will allow customers to order, pay their bill, and make other types of requests directly from the tablets.


The new system will create a direct link between patrons and the staff and make ordering convenient and easy for diners. Diners can also make requests like ask to change the TV channel or buy songs from the digital jukebox using the platform.

Buffalo Wild Wings uses Buzztime Playmaker tablets for its nationwide bar trivia contests. Using a system called Beond, Buzztime takes advantage of the existing networking capabilities of the playmaker tablets to create a communication system for the diners and staff. The new system aims to give customers an enhanced interactive experience inside the bar, without them having to rely on the wait staff for everything.

The company is planning to roll out Beond to 500 locations this year.

Buffalo Wild Wings
[h/t] Gigaom

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