In Brief

What was once Americans' favorite pastime is on its way to becoming a historic relic.

This article titled “The shopping mall is dead. Long live wandering aimlessly around the mall” was written by Emma Brockes, for on Thursday 13th March 2014 16.16 UTC

I was 20 years old the first time I visited America, braced for what, among this country’s many wonders, strikes the newcomer as the strangest and most wonderful of all: the cheapness of the jeans, the size of the portions, and the gargantuan scale of the shopping malls. A friend’s relatives took us to a mall in New Jersey where we did what foreigners do when they first come here: take photos of themselves standing outside a branch of K-Mart as if it were the Taj Mahal. I’m not being sarcastic. After a lifetime of watching teen movies set in these places, it was completely and utterly thrilling.

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