Smartphone Printer Creates Physical Copies Of Digital Images [Video]

Smartphone Printer Creates Physical Copies Of Digital Images [Video]

This miniature printer places photos in the palm of your hand in less than 60 seconds.

Rachel Pincus
  • 17 march 2014

You might take a lot of pictures on your smartphone, but what happens to the very best ones? For too many people, they get buried in the deep recesses of their phone’s storage or in the backlogs of Instagram. LifePrint is a printer designed specifically for smartphones, making individual photos special again when they are immortalized as high-quality 3 x 4″ prints.


Smaller than an iPad Mini, this sleek printer will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and though print sizes are currently limited (and the device only holds enough ‘film’ for 10 prints at a time), developer Robert Macauley and his team are currently working on more dimensions.

The printer has a unique ‘social’ feature that sets it apart from similar devices. With an app that allows your LifePrint to ‘follow’ and be ‘followed’ by friends, you can field requests to print friends’ photos out of your printer. This is an elegant feature if you have, for example, a family member living on the other side of the country who wants to send photos. Perfect for travel, the printer is battery-powered and functions over a wi-fi or data network, making it convenient to use anywhere.


The LifePrint will retail for $199.99, but is available for $99.99 to early adopters on Kickstarter.

Check out the introductory video below to see the printer in action:


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