Snapchat Factoids Spread Important Environmental Messages To Teens [Video]

Snapchat Factoids Spread Important Environmental Messages To Teens [Video]

Vanishing clips show just how much damage we are currently inflicting on our environment.

Ross Brooks
  • 3 march 2014

Social media has proven on multiple occasions that it’s one of the best ways to reach younger generations, regardless of whether your aim is to hawk new products or convey an important message. OndAzul is an environmental NGO that falls into the second category, and has collaborated with Brazilian ad agency NBS on a Snapchat campaign to spread the word about how we’re tearing the world apart.


Snapchat is edging out Instagram and Facebook to become one of the hottest communication platforms for teens today.

“If we are talking about the future, we must talk to [young people] first,” explains copywriter Philippe Lacerda. “Teens more than anyone need to be aware of what’s happening in our world. And maybe someday they can do something to change it.”

The 10-second vanishing clips were created by combining Snapchat with SnapRoll, an app that lets you send any of the photos and videos in your camera roll through Snapchat.

Check out the entire campaign below:


Source: NBS


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