Bike Concept Is Made Out Of Old Soda Cans [Pics]

Bike Concept Is Made Out Of Old Soda Cans [Pics]
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Boske is made out of a wooden frame and mechanical pieces made out of recycled aluminum.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 march 2014

Valencia-based designer Dan Gestoso’s bicycle design concept, Boske, is an IKEA-like bike with a wooden frame and mechanical pieces that are made out of aluminum cans.

The frame of the bike is made out of curved laminated wood, and the mechanical pieces like the front fork and seat base are made out of aluminum taken from recycled soda cans.

Gestoso’s design is meant to make bike manufacturing more sustainable, but
the Boske bike is also designed to be easy to assemble anywhere. The flatpack concept bike is designed to fit in a small box and can be assembled easily with an Allen wrench.


According to Gestoso, the bike will be as strong as a typical aluminum frame bike even though it’s made of wood. However, whether the parts will last as long is still a question. Gestoso designed the bike to be easy to repair and the sections are also meant to be easily replaceable.

According to Co.Exist, the designer is working on building the prototype and making the frame more durable.

View more images of the Boske design concept below.


Dan Gestoso
[h/t] Co.Exist

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