The e-QBO creates a work of art in a public space that also doubles as a solar power battery for various installations or devices.

Solar power has become more and more prominent as a form of alternative energy, even though its implementation in individual homes can be expensive. In public spaces, however, a solar power center can benefit a whole community, maximizing the use of this more pricey technology. This innovation is not years in the making, it’s already been created, tested, and implemented in Milan, Italy.

Developed by Italy-based designer Romolo Stanco of T°RED and energy research lab Ricerca Sistema Energetico, the e-QBO is a multifaceted cube that absorbs sunlight to create energy. The cube can be used to power local installations, pull in devices, and creating a WiFi signal. While the cube is autonomous and off-grid, it can easily be connected to serve urban grids. Because of it’s sleek design, it not only functions as a useful solar battery, but also as a work of art.

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