Supercharged Appliance Is Like A Personal Chef In Your Kitchen [Video]

Supercharged Appliance Is Like A Personal Chef In Your Kitchen [Video]

EveryCook does the actual cooking so you don't have to.

Ross Brooks
  • 18 march 2014

If cooking involves too much multi-tasking for your taste, then you need to see just how much of the work EveryCook can handle. It’s a sensor-based, Internet-enabled cooking device that only requires you to prepare the ingredients for your meal. And when you cook with fresh ingredients, it means that the meals you prepare are packed full of nutrients.

You still have to do some basic preparation such as peeling and washing the vegetables, but EveryCook can handle almost everything else. Made up of a pressure cooker, stirrer, a precision heater and cutting disks, you just have to add the right quantity of ingredients, as indicated by a live progress bar in a synced app.


Designed by mechanical engineer Alexis Wiasmitinow, he came up with the idea when he left his food on the stove to go and check some emails – a decision which cost him his risotto. Instead of changing his habits, he decided to built an entire system that could fix the problem. He admitted to that it might have been a strong response: “
It’s the engineer’s way: looking for overkill solutions to simple problems.”

The sleek device is currently on IndieGoGo with a target of $100,000. If it’s successful, Wiasmitinow plans to sell it for around $1,800, which would be competitive with the Kenwood Cooking Chef, a similar but “less intelligent” device. Eventually the engineer wants to try and connect the entire kitchen, so that it’s possible to prepare almost any meal with nearly no effort.



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