Sweden Launches Open Creative Call For Its Gamer Citizens

Sweden Launches Open Creative Call For Its Gamer Citizens

Developers are invited to voice their ideas about what will be the next best-selling game.

Serena Chu
  • 5 march 2014

Sweden puts an interesting spin on creativity, giving anyone with an active mind a chance to explore the realm of diversity and underrepresented ideas on a newly launched collaborative platform, called Democreativity.

Serving as a digital space where gamers can contribute ideas about potential interface designs, this project hopes to use freedom of expression as tool to inspire creators all over the world, especially when democracy has been deep-rooted into the nation’s many perspectives.


Both players and creators are given an open invitation to chime in thoughts about what the world of games has to offer and what it can grow to become. In an attempt to design the most unlikely game ever, Democreativity will take contributed ideas or suggestions and compile them into a creative brief that can be accessed by anyone online.

Swedish game developing students will receive the brief as a project assignment, and will be part of the mix to see forth new formats, stories, heroes and heroines in the media headlines and app-stores.

With today’s poplar games following more recognizable trends, Democreativity suggests the environment, characters, and ways to win are more likable features among people. But that doesn’t prevent contributors to share their own random ideas.

See where inspiration starts in the project video below.




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