SXSW App Points The Way To Austin’s Least Crowded Locales

SXSW App Points The Way To Austin’s Least Crowded Locales

Avoid Humans shows what anti-social media can look like in the real world.

Serena Chu
  • 5 march 2014

It’s bad enough that we can’t escape the presence of social media, but when we just want some personal space and not be bothered by anyone, it can be rather suffocating to be unable to find a quiet cafe or restaurant.

To offer people a temporary respite, Avoid Humans analyses data from Foursquare and makes recommendations on the least crowded places in the city.

Avoid Humans was created by GSD+M, who wanted to give people an “eject button” during SXSW. Prime locations are color coded – green, yellow, and red – to indicate the current level of human presence. Because the app divides hot-spots into four different categories, people can more easily find the ideal corner to better suit their mood, which can fall in line with nightlife, food, coffee or refuge.

This web-based app is an interesting look at what “anti-social media” can look like in real life, and demonstrates that there is nothing wrong with spending some time alone. Though it was intended only for people living in Austin, Avoid Humans be accessed from any location.

To find your own escape, head on over to the homepage and click “start avoiding.” 

Avoid Humans

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