SXSW attendees can upload their songs to this 3D-knitted suit.

ByBorre is a fabric innovation brand that decided to create a suit worn around SXSW that is a walking music library. The BB.Suit uses a new form of 3D knitting to embed technology within its fabrics, and comes equipped with Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC.

Musicians at SXSW could track where the wearer was and when they found it, upload their latest songs to the cloth. These were compiled by the online Dutch magazine, into a BB.SXSW 22tracks List that showcases the local musicians.

The suit started as an idea for the health industry, which involved pillows for people with dementia that could make conversation using vibrations. The final result is thanks to the input of Eindhoven University of Technology, CRISP, and Daan Spangenberg Graphics.

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