PSA Brings Syria’s Civil War To London [Video]

PSA Brings Syria’s Civil War To London [Video]

A new ad hopes to draw greater attention to this global crisis by imagining what it would be like if this event was taking place in the UK.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 11 march 2014

It’s a lot easier to ignore something if it’s happening thousands of miles away. Sometimes to make people pay attention, you need to bring the devastation home.

A new 90-second PSA from Save the Children U.K. imagines the atrocities that are occurring in Syria as if they were happening in the streets of London. Created by the agency Don’t Panic, the ad gives the crisis a Western lens to make it feel more immediate to viewers.

Using a quick pace that borrows from the popular Internet video style of one-second-a-day shots, the video watches a middle-class girl’s life fall apart. Starting on her birthday, the girl quickly loses everything she holds dear and winds up homeless, fatherless, and a refugee by her next birthday.

As we draw near the third anniversary of the start of the Syrian crisis, Jack Lundie, brand and communications director at Save the Children, knows it can get lost in today’s busy headlines that 100,000 people have died and 2 million more have become refugees.

It’s easy to forget that Syria was a middle income country, where children enjoyed the benefits of education, healthcare and the other basic rights our children take for granted—not to mention Facebook accounts, video games and youth culture.

Lundie hopes the powerful video below will give people a new perspective on the devastation this conflict is having on Syria’s children.

Save the Children U.K.

Sources: AdWeek


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