The international grocery store chain uses virtual reality in order to let people shop wherever they are.

Virtual reality provides many opportunities for working 3D models. It allows surgeons to visualize complex surgeries, it creates more realistic flight simulators, and can even be used as a viable therapy option. Still, Tesco and Pelé have teamed up to use virtual reality in a more retail oriented way: allowing customers the ability to browse a 3D supermarket in what they call a “Virtual Reality Experience.”

Created by London-based firm Figure Digital, the simulation debuted at the TCC International Marketing Forum in Berlin. Users slip on Oculus Rift virtual reality eye gear and are instantly transported to a Tesco supermarket. Users move their head to look around the store to explore aisles and products before finding their way to a massive soccer stadium, where the simulation ends. The simulation only allows users to glance through the aisles, not study or pick up the detailed products in them.

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