This Inbox Redesign Could Make You Hate Email Less [Pics]

This Inbox Redesign Could Make You Hate Email Less [Pics]

Creative studio 1910 has proposed a makeover that would take the stress out of getting to Inbox zero.

Daniela Walker
  • 12 march 2014

Graphic design and art direction studio 1910 thinks typography is important. It is why they conceptualized a new Wikipedia layout, and why they have now proposed a re-design of basic email layouts. For 1910, better typography makes text more readable, and more readable means less stressful, more manageable and ultimately more enjoyable.

Emails are a funny thing – we love them and we hate them. Everyone strives to have an all-read inbox, but it can be hard to wade through the clutter. 1910 proposes a ‘Typographic Approach to Email’ which makes the words themselves the most important feature, clearing all the layout noise. The studio shares their motivation on their blog:

We believe that email is about two things. Reading and writing. And that focusing on these two is what would truly move email to where it deserves to be. [This is] an experiment of how email could be functionally improved through the use of better typography, based on the premise that structure is more important than surface.

1910 clears away all the extraneous boxes to create a minimalist streamlined grid, where the content sticks out. The typography size was chosen as the optimal size that is easy to read (12x), the same as printed books. All the necessary buttons – reply, forward, delete – are there, but are relegated to the top of the page, out of the way.

1910 shifts the focus from organization to reading and writing with the hopes that an easier-to-read inbox, is an easier-to-deal-with inbox.


Source: Fast Co.Design


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