AirPnP connects people to owners of bathrooms looking to make some money.

AirPnP lets people rent out their private bathrooms to others who are looking for a quick relief, namely during crowded events or in areas where public bathrooms are non-existent. It’s a witty spinoff of AirBnb; but instead of offering lodging and large venues for hire, the app looks to offer a more favorable alternative to stationed Port-A-Potties, which almost always see a never-ending line wrapped around.

Launched just in time for this year’s Mardi Gras, the site has already grown to more than 1,200 sign-ups for its peer-to-peer service. Site visitors can choose to “Find a place to pee” or “Add a place to pee.” For those people offering a bathroom to rent, they can upload pictures of their facility, indicate the location and name a price. On the other spectrum of things, people paying for services can rate their overall pee experience by measuring the cleanliness of the bathroom or the quality of the toilet paper.

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