PSFK Top 5 Stories Of The Week

PSFK Top 5 Stories Of The Week
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IKEA makes furniture for nomadic 20 year olds, OREO 3D prints cookies made of tweets, and a fake app for drunks.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 14 march 2014

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IKEA Collection Targets 20-Something Urbanites Who Are Constantly Moving


The furniture company is releasing its 8th IKEA PS collection that specifically targets young urbanites who “live in the moment” and more often than not have limited space and a need to be able to easily pack up and go when required.

Convicted Felons Create Ad Campaigns For Major Brands


A group of creatives set out to prove that creativity can happen anywhere – even behind bars. Concepting With Convicts taps into the prison pen pal system to try to find those inmates who are interested in pursuing their creative passions.

Kit Turns Basic Printers Into Circuit Board Factories


A Japanese company has developed special conductive ink that let people draw or print their own circuit boards. It’s great for engineers and scientists who are creating products where they often need to make quick alterations to the boards.

Oreo Vending Machine 3D-Prints Trending Flavors


At this year’s SXSW, Oreo gave attendees the chance to indulge in 3D-printed cookies which came in a variety of different shapes and sizes as determined by Twitter.

Social Network Can Only Be Accessed When Users Are Drunk


LIVR is a spoof lifestyle app and social network that revolves around casual drinking and access to a party community comprised of other users of the app.

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