Vibrating Jersey Lets Fans Feel What Players Do On the Field [Video]

Vibrating Jersey Lets Fans Feel What Players Do On the Field [Video]

The Alert Shirt transmits real-time tackles to a technology-outfitted jersey to simulate player sensations.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 13 march 2014

All sports fans want to be as close to the action as possible. Now, the Alert Shirt makes it feel like you’re right on the field, next to the players.

Developed by Wearable Experiments (We:eX), a groundbreaking wearable technology company that combines fashion, function, and technology, the Alert Shirt is a revolutionary jersey for Australian football fans that allows them to experience what the players feel through a technology-enabled shirt.

We:eX, in conjunction with Australian broadcasting outlet Foxtel, and CHE Proximity integrated hardware, software, and apparel design to connect people to television viewing in a new way. The Alert Shirt takes real-time game data, transmits it to an app, sends that data from the app to the electronics in the jersey via Bluetooth, and finally converts the received data into sensations and impulses – based on collected test results – to mimic on-field action.


Billie Whitehouse, Designer & Art Director for We:eX and spotlight speaker at the upcoming PSFK Conference 2014 “Connecting the Unexpected,” shared her thinking behind the Alert Shirt:

Your favorite fan jersey just got technical. Alert Shirt is completely unlike any other jersey in the sports market. Wearable technology must be intuitive and seamless within our daily lives, enhancing our life experience while connecting us to other people and the world at large. Our new product is a major first step in the right direction.

While the Alert Shirt is certainly a new way to engage a television audience, the real benefit of its design, according to Co-founder and Technical Director Ben Moir, is “bringing the emotions, frustrations and joys of the active game to life in a way that we’ve never been able to experience before.”

What do you think; do you want to know how hard a football player can hit? It will be interesting to see if this product can evolve and adapt to other sports. To learn more about how the Alert Shirt works, check out the video below.


And click below to buy tickets to this year’s conference to hear more about We:eX.



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