Vinyl Printer Cuts Records In Real-Time As Songs Play [Video]

Vinyl Printer Cuts Records In Real-Time As Songs Play [Video]
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Convert digital tracks in a matter of minutes.

Ross Brooks
  • 13 march 2014

Many people have given in and started to convert their old Vinyls to digital, but one German engineer has created a way to do the exact opposite. Souri Automaten’s Vinyl Recorder is an effortless way to cut a new record in the time it takes for the song to play all the way through. Suffice to say it caused quite the stir on the trade floor at this year’s SXSW.

To create your own vinyl, you just connect the record lathe to a music player of your choice, and once you hit play, a diamond stylus will cut the record in real-time based on the sound vibrations produced from the playing music. At $4,000, the device isn’t cheap, but it’s not being aimed at individuals. It could be the perfect way for bands and musicians to produce limited-edition vinyls of their latest releases without having to meet minimum order quantities at larger facilities.

Here’s the vinyl recorder in action:


Automaten came up with the idea almost 30 years ago, purely as a way for him to continue listening to the music he loved on a jukebox in the factory where he worked. While he probably had no idea that vinyl would become so popular again, it’s clear there will be plenty of people interested in his contraption.

Vinyl Recorder
Source: Gizmodo, Motherboard

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