Viral Video Asks Complete Strangers To Share A First Kiss [Video]

Viral Video Asks Complete Strangers To Share A First Kiss [Video]
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Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva asked 20 people to get intimate for the first time on camera and captures a moment of awkwardness and passion.

Daniela Walker
  • 12 march 2014

If you’ve been hiding from the internet since yesterday, you may not have seen Tatia PIlieva‘s video for WREN Studio entitled ‘First Kiss.’ That means that you are not one of the over 7 million views it has received on YouTube since being uploaded yesterday. So what’s the commotion?


‘First Kiss’ is being lauded as ‘really beautiful’ (Gizmodo) ‘the sweetest video you’ll see today’ (Glamour) and ‘strangely romantic’ (TIME). It’s a three minute video of beautiful strangers sharing a first kiss. Diversity abounds from gay to straight couples, interracial and not. Watching it, there is an impending sense of unease, as if you yourself are about to receive a kiss from a stranger. And then as lips touch, a sense of relief and wonderment as these people are transformed from strangers into a couple doing something quite intimate.

Was this video made to capture the magic of a first kiss? Maybe. But it was also made for WREN – the independent clothing label of cool girls – and all the women are wearing WREN’s AW14 line. Slate points out that the people who are starring in this video are not new to the spotlight – many are actors or musicians, familiar faces on ‘the scene.’ Does that take away from the beauty and intimacy of the act? Perhaps a bit. But witnessing a transformative moment – whether its full of beautiful people or not – still feels pretty magical, in all its awkward and passionate glory.

Source: TIME

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