Rule Switcher is an interactive site that is controlled by the lights in the room from which it's viewed.

To promote its new reality series, Sleeping with the Family, MTV International enlisted R/GA Buenos Aires to create a microsite that adds a new element of an interactivity – reacting to the lights inside a person’s room.

The microsite – MTV Rule Switcher – features a couple, who have very different behaviors, depending on whether or not the lights are switched on. The site uses the viewer’s webcam to detect changes in light. When a person switches off their light source, the couple tumble around in the dark – it is #kidsrules. But when the viewer switches the lights back on, so too do the lights go on in the virtual bedroom, where the couple is now at a safe distance, doing respectable, parental-approved activities such as vacuuming and trimming a bonsai tree. They are living under #parentsrules. It is a clever way to promote a show that follows people living with their boyfriend/girlfriend under their parents’ roofs.

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