Virtual Health Insurance Card Minimizes Hassles At The Doctor’s Office

Virtual Health Insurance Card Minimizes Hassles At The Doctor’s Office

Medlio features real-time quotes and an effortless way to pay medical bills.

Ross Brooks
  • 5 march 2014

In the same way that e-boarding passes make air travel easier, Medlio is a digital health insurance platform that wants to streamline your next visit to the doctor. Not only does the company connect healthcare consumers with current insurance information, it’s app also makes it easy to find a doctor, schedule an appointment, and pay with a few touchscreen taps.

The ultimate aim of the company is to connect patients directly with their doctors and insurance companies all on one simple communications platform. You can monitor progress towards deductibles and expected copays, share insurance information, and get estimates without any of the back and forth that exists in the current system.


“The new medical consumers are taking an active rather than a passive role in their personal healthcare. They expect a better experience,” explained Tiffany Marum, MD, one of Medlio’s first provider customers. “If their expectations are not met, consumers will seek care elsewhere and share their negative experience with others. We expect this app to help us engage our patients in a dialogue about their care.”

David Brooks, Medlio co-founder and CEO developed the idea for Medlio after managing a primary care practice for several years. He realized the lack of cost transparency and outdated billing processes were a serious problem for patients, especially as the rise in High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) shifted more of the costs their way.

Medlio is available on the iTune App Store, or via Google Play.


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