Spotify Stunt Pays For Band’s Tour With A Silent Album

Spotify Stunt Pays For Band’s Tour With A Silent Album

Rock band Vulfpeck has released a silent album in order to try to make enough money from Spotify to fund their tour and to cover ticket prices.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 20 march 2014

Spotify is one of the most commonly used music streaming programs in the world. Indie rock band Vulfpeck decided to use the service to the benefit of their fans, creating a silent album whose streaming proceeds will help fund a tour with free tickets.

Sleepify is the band’s entirely silent album in the Spotify library. Comprised of 10 tracks of total and complete silence for 376 seconds, every full play through of a song earns $0.005, or about half a cent. If a person listens to the entire album throughout a normal eight hour sleep cycle, it earns the band $4. The group vows to use the money to not only fund a new tour but to also make it free for their fans.


This publicity stunt could be designed to bring attention to the band as well as show the ridiculous nature of the music streaming system. While some may wonder whether Spotify itself is in on the joke, their official statement is that while they appreciate the album, they prefer Vulfpeck’s earlier work. You can listen to Sleepify on Spotify now to help the band reach their goal.

Source: Digiday
Images: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid, Vulfpeck


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