10 Stories You Need To Know Today

10 Stories You Need To Know Today
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Cartoon Network previews a show on Instagram video, Prada buys a pasty shop and Harrod's to get a customs agent.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 19 march 2014

Walmart to offer customers credit for used video games. NYTimes

Adult Swim premieres ‘Rick and Morty’ episode on Instagram in 100-plus video clips. Variety

What’s behind Google’s robot-buying binge? NPR

Prada has bought up a famed Milanese pastry shop. Luxuo

Brazil’s new food guidelines prioritize the wellbeing of citizens. TreeHugger

Sonos introduces universal search across music services in new mobile app. Gigaom

Harrods wants to hire an in-store customs officer for Chinese tourists. Skift

Karl Lagerfeld launches an emoji app inspired by himself. Business Insider

Apple patents an iPhone camera remote, with a display. TechCrunch

Lyft announces Happy Hour, the opposite of Surge Pricing. Mashable

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