Magazine Includes Parts To Build A Working Robot Each Week

Magazine Includes Parts To Build A Working Robot Each Week

Readers can assemble their own miniature robots with parts included in their weekly subscription.

Serena Chu
  • 3 march 2014

Designed by engineer and professor Tomotaka Takahashi, Robi the robot is an intelligent creation that can understand more than 200 Japanese words and display his emotions by changing the color of his eyes – but there’s something else to Robi that gives him an edge over other robots.

While his dancing abilities and sensitivity to human voice adds a degree of intrigue, the fact that his assembling parts were distributed in a weekly magazine over the course of 70 issues demonstrates a new level of ingenuity and a new way to promote print publications.

Italian publishers DeAgostini began this DIY robot series in Japan last February, and has sold about £50 million worth of issues in Japan alone. Because of its high-demand success, the company is looking to tap into new markets in Italy, Taiwan and Germany within the coming days, according to Alessandro Belloni, Managing Director of DeAgostini. Anticipated distributions will shortly include the UK, US, France and Spain.

Takahashi said he created Robi to provide entertainment to those who share their time with him, which is a new look at how robots can take on less practical roles, but still offer functionality. With that said, Robi can be used as an universal remote, thanks to a built-in IR emitter. So it’s fair to say he is a multi-talented little character.


Source, Image: Wired


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