Why Cloud Browsers Could Be The Solution To Secure Online Transactions

Why Cloud Browsers Could Be The Solution To Secure Online Transactions

Secure virtual platforms provide businesses and individuals with limited private browsing.

Leah Gonzalez Angue
  • 11 march 2014

Everybody’s concerned about internet security these days, what with reports of online tracking and monitoring and massive online network breaches. Some of the most common security tips people tell you is to use strong passwords, update your security software regularly, and use a Java-free or dedicated browser for banking or business transactions.

In terms of the latter, a few companies have come up with a product that makes it easier and safer for users – a cloud-based browser. An article on Forbes takes a look at some of the cloud browsers available in the market right now and talks about how they could grow in popularity.

Cloud-based browsers have specific features or focus on certain aspects of security, but their common feature is that they don’t store data from browsing sessions and prevents malware from interacting with users’ computers.


Most platforms, like Authentic8’s Silo, require a password or a log-in for it to start. Authentic8 focuses mostly on servicing business applications and is not a full-service browser. Users cannot import bookmarks from other browsers and audio is disabled, affecting how users view videos. Authentic8’s Silo isn’t free and costs $10 a month for individuals or $15 per user for teams.

Security software company Quarri’s myPOQ by is a free hosted secure web for Windows, iOS and Android devices. After a one-time registration, members can use it anywhere. The remote browser is more full-service compared to Silo since it allows audio and video streaming. Other companies with cloud browsers include Maxthon and Spikes Security.

Most of these remote browsers come with a fee and may limit or lessen the browsing experience of users, but for added security and privacy, there will always be businesses and individuals who will consider using them to protect themselves.

Source: Forbes
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