Wireless Speaker Predicts People’s Musical Taste Like Pandora [Pics]

Wireless Speaker Predicts People’s Musical Taste Like Pandora [Pics]
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Machine learning means Cone serves up only the most appropriate music.

Ross Brooks
  • 5 march 2014

Streaming music might be extremely convenient, but it’s not that intuitive when it comes to song selection. Cone is a new wireless speaker from Aether Things that can learn from your music choices to provide the perfect song. It works with the music you already own, and multiple streaming radio services to ensure you’re never stuck listening to a song you don’t like.

Cone is controlled with a dial that you can turn to change what you’re listening to – a 360° turn will completely change the type of music for when your mood suddenly switches. There are more conventional options as well; you can make a selection with an accompanying app, or use voice control to choose a particular song, album or podcast.


Over time the device will learn to associate a particular type of music with a particular situation. It will know that you want to relax when you get back from work, except for Friday when you need something more high-tempo to get you ready for a night out. The Aether team is made up of people from big name companies such as Nokia, IDEO, Google, Apple, and even NASA, which means there are high hopes for the device.

While the technology is still in its testing phase, you can pre-order one for $399.

Source: EnGadget

Images: Aether Things

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