Lightwave is a wearable tech device that provides real-time analytics during events for the performers.

In the concert of the future, you may be writhing to the music, swaying your body and clapping your hands when the light show behind the dj all of sudden comes in sync with your clapping, you are controlling the show, simply with your movements. This is how the founders of Lightwave envision their product – a wearable tech bracelet – could be used, but not in the future, now.

Lightwave was started by Rana June, whose claim to fame is the being the first major iPad DJ, and was launched at SXSW Interactive 2014, in a Pepsi-sponsored BioReactive concert. Lighwave is a piece of wearable technology that gathers real-time data about its wearer – temperature, movement and audio levels – to feed back to performers. It visualizes the data from the crowd, to give performers an idea of how their audience is feeling and react accordingly.

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