Wristband Turns Any Object Into A Sound-Emitting Toy [Video]

Wristband Turns Any Object Into A Sound-Emitting Toy [Video]

The Moff bracelet encourages kids to play with everyday things by adding extra effects.

Lin Qiu
  • 13 march 2014

If you have a child quickly getting bored of their overflowing toy box, Japanese company Moff is looking to pique their interest with a wearable sound machine that will turn any household object into an interactive toy.

With the slogan “Everything you do.Everything you hold.Change into toys,” the Moff lets anyone turn a broom into a guitar, play the piano in thin air and wave around a tinkling magic whisk.

Watch it transform everyday items here:

The Moff comes in the form of a child-friendly slap bracelet that contains acceleration and gyro sensors that capture the wearer’s movements to transform them into sounds. The device connects to the Moff iOS app with Bluetooth, so wearers can choose from different sets of sound effects to turn that protractor that was just used as a tennis racket into a toy gun. They are also offering up Software Development Kits to invite 3rd party developers/companies to sell their own apps in their store.


Creator Akinori Takahagi hopes that his ‘wearable smart toy’ will help parents cut down on the purchase of physical items and boost the amount of children’s physical activity, not to mention helping to exercise possibly kids’ most precious skill: Imagination.

Currently, Moff is hosting a Kickstarter campaign with less than a month to go, and you can still preorder a bracelet for $49 (or two for $88).

Moff, Inc.

Source: TechCrunch

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