Chase Compton's Yelp reviews provide a glimpse into the demise of his relationship with his ex-boyfriend.

Like many people do, Chase Compton fell in love and then got his heart-broken. Unlike other people, Compton decide to share the tale of his love lost, not through maudlin Facebook updates or 140 character angry tweets, but through Yelp.

In December of last year, Compton turned to Yelp as a place of catharsis. Writing reviews of places that were important in his relationship, he shared a glimpse at his story, and occasionally a sense of what the restaurant is like. But don't expect to know much about the food or the decor – there is no grumbling about the service, just lyrical stories about time both before and after the break-up in eateries around the city. About Susanna Pizzeria, Compton says this:

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