Zappos Creates Personalized Shopping Experience For Instagram’s #OOTD Fans

Zappos Creates Personalized Shopping Experience For Instagram’s #OOTD Fans
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The e-commerce company will send recommendations to anyone who posts on Instagram with the hashtag #NextOOTD.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 21 march 2014

E-commerce company Zappos has launched a pilot project that targets the massive #OOTD or “outfit of the day” community on Instagram.

There are around 23 million images or selfies that are tagged by users as their #OOTD on Instagram, according to Zappos Labs Director Will Young, who spoke about the project at the SXSW conference. Zappos Labs is the company’s innovation arm responsible for dreaming up new ways for their customers to shop and connect with the brand online.

The pilot project is called Next OOTD and it encourages Instagrammers to use the hashtag #NextOOTD when they post their selfies. If they do, Zappos will send them a personalized shopping recommendation based on their images.


“Next OOTD” is another example of the company’s focus on customer service – something they are well known for – and according to Young the company is always trying to think of ways to take their customer service to the next level.

The project is being done by one person at the moment, but Young expressed that it has the potential to become bigger and that “personal shopping via Instagram” can become the future of the business.

Zappos Labs
Source: Fashionista
Images: Zappos on Instagram


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