Food Printer Creates Easy Meals For The Elderly

Food Printer Creates Easy Meals For The Elderly

German company Biozoon is developing a machine that produces food which dissolves quickly when eaten.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 april 2014

Researchers at German company Biozoon Food Innovations are developing a 3D printer that can produce solid food which dissolves quickly in the mouth when eaten. The device is designed for elderly patients, especially those who suffer from dysphagia, which makes it difficult for them to swallow.

Most of the time elderly people or those with dysphagia are limited to soft or liquid food and this can make meal times less enjoyable for them. Biozoon hopes to extend the range of meals they can eat with the new 3D printer they are developing.

The 3D-printed food will be made from a gelatin base and solidifies upon printing, but quickly dissolves in the mouth. The printer will work the same way as a conventional printer, but will use liquified food instead of ink. Instead of different cartridges for different colors, it will have cartridges for liquified meat, vegetables, and carbohydrates. The printer will print out the food layer by layer until the finished meal emerges.


The food itself can be customized with colorants and texturizers to make them look appealing and taste almost like real cooked food. In addition, part of Biozoon’s plans is for the technology to allow customization of food based on patients’ needs. Meals can be created based on a specific diet or with vitamins specific to the person.

The company aims to develop a 3D printer that can create customized, nutritious, and tasty meals by next year.

[h/t], TechCrunch

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