3D Printable Luggage Can Be Sent To Your Destination Via Email

3D Printable Luggage Can Be Sent To Your Destination Via Email

Designer Janne Kyttanen has developed a series of files that contain everything you will need for a short trip.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 15 april 2014

What if you could travel without packing or carrying a single thing?

Lost Luggage by designer Janne Kyttanen consist of a 3D-printed platform bag and a series of 3D printable files that lets people send their travel necessities in an email and print them out at their destination.

The collection includes a Le69 Handbag, a 4-in-1 dress, a pair of shoes, and accessories such as the St. Tropez Cuff, driving gloves, sunglasses among others.


The project explores how the idea of being able to pack items into digital files that could be reproduced in any location affects the relationship people have with objects. Will people value or perceive objects differently?

The pieces are currently part of the artist’s exhibit at Galerie VIVID in Amsterdam. The exhibition features 3D-printed designs by Kyttanen and is on display until April 20th.

View more images of the Lost Luggage project below.


Check out the video about the project below.

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