Handy Toolkit Can Be 3D-Printed On Demand [Video]


Angry Monk has developed two plans that print a tape measure and a caliper.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 7 april 2014

A California-based engineer who goes by the name of Angry Monk is working on 3D-printing an entire kit of tools. So far he has already developed plans for a 3D-printed dial caliper and a tape measure.

The first tool Angry Monk worked on was a dial caliper. The caliper can open up to 4 inches and consisted of nine different pieces that were printed out completely assembled. The caliper included a thumb wheel, inside and outside jaws, and a depth gauge. It also had a lock for the dial. Angry Monk has shared the STL files for the caliper on Thingiverse.


The second tool he worked on was a 3D-printed tape measure that can also be printed out completely assembled. It consists of 114 parts and includes 52 inches of tape links that are labeled every inch with graduations, a lock for the tape, a belt clip, and a fold-out crank for pulling the tape back in.


The project shows another interesting application for 3D printing. People can create tools as they work, especially when they are missing some tools or pieces.

Check out the videos about the project below.

Angry Monk

[h/t] Gizmodo,

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