3D Printed, Life-Sized Sand Castles Could Be The Mobile Homes Of The Future [Pics]

3D Printed, Life-Sized Sand Castles Could Be The Mobile Homes Of The Future [Pics]
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These compact structures could lead to a new industrial revolution.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 10 april 2014

No day at the beach is complete without some attempt at building a sand castle, but have you ever dreamed of living in one? Thanks to a talented group of students at UCLA you now can.

Peter Ebner, architect and professor at 3M futureLAB, gave his architecture students a difficult assignment with the hope of preparing them for the future of 3D printing: build a tiny, easily transportable 3D printed apartment. In response, they created miniature mobile homes constructed out of a mixture of sand and glue.


3M futureLAB is a UCLA architecture and urban design studio based out of Munich, Germany. Because of dense urban living conditions, students had previously created designs geared towards small, transportable homes, but these life-sized “sand castles” represent the first time this type of project was attempted using 3D printing.

The homes are 50 square feet and the thermal insulation, as well as the electricity, heating, water, and sewage systems are also 3D printed. Amenities include a kitchen with a movable counter top, a bed, and a bathroom- complete with a hidden, foldable toilet. There is also an entertainment system that takes up one entire wall.

Designers think these 3M futureLab created homes would be a good fit for the lifestyle of 25-35 year olds, and with one Chinese corporation planning to print several hundred in the next two years, they could become familiar sooner than you think.




3M futureLAB
[h/t] 3D Print Board, Inhabitat

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