Virtual Eyeballs Take The Effort Out Of Being Social [Video]


Japanese researcher has developed a wearable device that displays eyes to make the wearer appear friendly.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 april 2014

A Japanese researcher has developed a new type of wearable device that displays virtual eyes on its lenses so the wearer appears friendly, even if they’re actually feeling exhausted or are rolling their eyes in despair. Hirotaka Osawa, from Tsukuba University in Japan, has called the device ‘AgencyGlass’ and he hopes the technology will help increase people’s emotional comfort.


The virtual eyes follow movement, making it look like the wearer is being sociable and friendly when they’re too tired or busy. AgencyGlass has a gyroscope and accelerometer to detect head movement, and a camera to detect faces and motion.

There are a number of different features, such as when the wearer tilts their head back, the virtual eyes look up
so it seems as though they’re thinking, and if they nod or shake their head, the
eyes blink.

You can see the wearable device in action in the video below:

Source: IEEE Spectrum

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