Stop Motion Adventure Told Entirely With Rubber Bands And Thumbtacks [Video]

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"A Girl Named Elastika" makes clever use of common office supplies.

Ross Brooks
  • 3 april 2014

A new stop-motion short film by Guillaume Blanchet proves that all you need to be really creative are some basic office supplies. A Girl Named Elastica tells the story of a wide-eyed girl who leaves home to travel the world and experience all the adventures it has to offer.


All of the action takes place on a small cork board, which was animated by Blanchet using nothing more than ingeniously placed rubber bands and thumbtacks. The three-and-a-half minute clip has already won numerous prizes, and has been selected by more than 50 film festivals around the world since it’s release.

If you enjoyed the video above, you might also like The Man Who Lived On His Bike, which is any equally creative bit of filmmaking from Blanchet.

Guillaume Blanchet
[h/t] Colossal

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