‘Architectural Roomba’ Prints Life-Sized CAD Plans On The Ground [Video]

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Construction site robot could prevent human errors when interpreting architectural plans.

Ross Brooks
  • 22 april 2014

Instead of relying on humans to interpret CAD plans, South Korean architectural designer Han Seok Nam has created a robot that can print them straight on to the ground. It’s claimed that Archibot could “revolutionize” how architects and contractors work on construction sites.


According to Nam, “Errors will be easily detectable since the construction document can be directly compared to a life-size print out directly on the construction site.” He even said that the process would be “just like following a map and driving towards a destination.”

Even though the idea was recently granted a patent,
Nam is still working on a prototype of the robot. He is also in search of industry experts and academics who have the technology and expertise to help produce “the very best version” of Archibot.

Some of the concerns already voiced include how clean the job site would have to be for the robot to function, and how it would deal with details not included in the original plans. The biggest concern, is that if there are errors in the original plan, would Archibot have any way of knowing, or just print out the plan including potentially disastrous mistakes?

Han Seok Nam

Source: ArchDaily

Images: Han Seok Nam

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