Wearable Tech Connects Astronauts To The Smells They Love On Earth [Video]


Senti8 is a bracelet that lets wearers remember scents of places they have visited.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 april 2014

Developed by a team of eight led by videographer and hackathon enthusiast Leslie Birch, Senti8 is a personal scent band that lets astronauts relive the favorite scents they miss.

According to the write-up on the project website, smells on earth are some of the things that astronauts miss the most. Research has also shown that space travelers and those who travel in high altitudes experience diminished senses, including sense of smell. The Senti8 is a bracelet that lets space travelers relive memories associated with certain smells.


The Senti8 team hacked an e-cigarette to create the scent-delivery system of the bracelet. The wearable tech device consists of icons of different scent categories. LED lights function as indicators for the chosen scent and the scent is delivered as a quick burst propelled by steam into custom-designed cones embedded around the bracelet. Scent cartridges can be replaced and the bracelet even includes a connectivity feature that allows the wearers to share a scent with friends and loved ones who are in a remote location.


The Senti8 bracelet won Best Use In Hardware at the NASA Space App Challenge in NYC and is now vying for the global prize.

More about the creation process can be found on the Senti8 Tumblr blog.

Watch the video about Senti8 below.


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