Car-Sharing Service Supplies Vehicles For Uber Drivers

Car-Sharing Service Supplies Vehicles For Uber Drivers

Breeze rents out brand new Toyota Priuses so that transport programs can be even more eco-friendly.

Ross Brooks
  • 3 april 2014

Breeze is a startup that makes it possible to earn an income from ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft – even if you don’t own a car. They supply you with a brand new Toyota Prius for $20 a day (plus 25 cents per mile), which means you can start making money from your first day on the road. The testimonials on Breeze’s site position the service as a sort of independent business, enabling members to get in on the profits reaped by Lyft drivers even if they don’t have the necessary wheels.

The San Francisco startup currently has 25 cars, all of which have already been booked by drivers who answered ads on Craigslist or heard about it through their friends. However, what makes the startup so special is that they don’t own any of the vehicles. According to CEO Jeff Pang, they rent the cars from an unnamed partner in the automotive industry.


“Our partnership gives us unlimited access to cars for the near future,” Pang told the San Francisco Chronicle. Not only does that mean huge growth potential, but it also means the company can
swap old cars for new ones every year to keep maintenance costs down.

Pang expects to have hundreds of cars in the Bay Area by the end of the year, and also believes that Breeze represents an idea that can be repeated in different cities across the United States. There are some concerns about profitability, but if it’s an idea that promotes a shared economy and better use of resources, it’s one that we should all hope continues to go from strength to strength.


[h/t] Business Insider
Toyota UK via Flickr

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