‘Code Mode’ Light Signals When Programmers Are In The Zone

‘Code Mode’ Light Signals When Programmers Are In The Zone

A 'do not disturb' light to prevent distractions when workers are in absolute concentration.

Ross Brooks
  • 22 april 2014

The last thing you want when you’re focused on an important project is someone in the office tapping you on the shoulder. To make sure that didn’t happen to her, Jessica Hische, an illustrator and type designer, created the Code Mode Light, a stylish hand-lettered light that allows you to stay in the zone for longer.

Over the past few years, Jessica has spent a lot of time learning web design and development, which also involved a lot of questions directed at her husband. She quickly realized there were good and bad times to approach him in the studio.


I noticed his concentration was impenetrable when he was coding and to bring him out of it was to wish death upon yourself. Once I started doing web work myself I would go into silence zone mode or code mode often.

Nowadays, the term is used to describe any time she’s in the zone and able to ignore almost anything happening in the world around her. To make sure her husband was aware that she was in “code mode,” Jessica decided to create something for the wall that would offer an instant status update.


Jessica hand-lettered the words “IN CODE MODE” herself, while the actual light was built by Palette Industries. It’s made from powder-coated steel, powder-coated white aluminum, and translucent vinyl. There are only 100 of the lights available, each of which costs $215, and they have been signed by Jessica.

Code Mode Light

Source: NOTCOT

Images: Jessica Hische

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