Field Of Mini Screens Reveals Scientific Discoveries Up Close [Pics]

Field Of Mini Screens Reveals Scientific Discoveries Up Close [Pics]
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A medical school's new media wall shows that there's more than meets the eye.

Ross Brooks
  • 7 april 2014

Designed for the Weill Cornell Medical College, London-based multimedia agency Squint/Opera devised a custom-made, animated and programmable digital media wall. Featuring thousands of LCD screens and lenses that are able to project photos and text, the Discovery Wall highlights the college’s many scientific discoveries over the years. The screens are set behind a panel of circular discs, and this dual layer construction turns the wall into a single image from a distance; however, up close each screen projects different information.

“It’s intended to both to tell the story of the research that’s going on in the building as well as honor the donors who made the building and medical research possible,” said William Cunningham, Weill Cornell’s campus architect.

The wall is one of many standout features in the new $650 million, 480,000-square-foot facility that has taken nearly four years to build. Others include a double-skinned, fritted glass curtain wall with openings and sun-shading devices that absorb the sun’s heat before it gets trapped inside, and therefore reduces the need for air conditioners.


Apart from eco-friendly innovation and stunning architecture, the building also features a selection of hand-picked art.
“On the one hand, we were looking for art that related to the spirit of discovery, that would be reminiscent of the kinds of images that are found during scientific research,” said Cunningham. “But we were also looking for pieces for our informal spaces that that would offer some relief, be relaxing and restful and give a change of pace for people who are concentrating on their science all day.”

Scroll down for some more pictures of the interactive wall.



Source: Weill Cornell

Images: Squint/Opera via Facebook

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