Top Submissions For The ‘Cotel’ Announced On Stage At PSFK Conference 2014

Top Submissions For The ‘Cotel’ Announced On Stage At PSFK Conference 2014
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Though the contest winners have yet to be decided, Prodigy Network will present the top early submissions in designing the hotel of the future.

  • 9 april 2014

PSFK has partnered with real-estate crowdfunding company Prodigy Network to crowdsource the designs for their most recent project 17John, an innovative hotel in the heart of New York City’s Financial District. This series of articles provides inspiration for readers wishing to be a part of the project and join the crowd in designing the first Cotel.

Think you have what it takes to design a hotel that meets the needs of the modern business traveler? Maybe you do, but time is of the essence and we’re always on the lookout for more inspirational entries.

At this year’s PSFK CONFERENCE 2014, real-estate crowdfunding company Prodigy Network will announce the top early submissions for 17John– a competition to design the physical and virtual components of the world’s first ‘Cotel’, an extended stay hotel created to service the needs of the modern business traveler.

Though the competition is still ongoing and official prize winners have yet to be decided, the three entries below met the April 4th early submission deadline and will be featured as part of a round-up held on stage at the conference here in New York on this Friday, April 11th.

The main competition will run through April 21st and offer $50k of total prizes. View the competition brief in full and sign-up to enter here.

Below are the top early submissions inspiring us across the three areas of the design brief:

17 john hotel.001

Digital Services – This contest area looks at the transactional, social and curation tools that are seamlessly connecting guests with all of a hotel’s services and amenities, helping people network, discover and share and putting the best of the local city at their fingertips. [Inspiration]

Creator: Paul Junhwan


The international business traveller has experienced a number difficulties. My plan will support business travelers during the various complex situations they may encounter. My proposal will make it possible to support customers through a collaboration with the content marketplace and freelance networks. Read more.


Collaborative/Public Space –  This contest area looks at how a hotel’s public spaces can evolve their design and offerings to become collaborative environments that bring travelers together to work, play and socialize. [Inspiration]

Creator: Andre


This idea imagined for the 17John Public Space area of the contest blends contemporary style with bold New-York-style design. It features a re-imagination of a Unique Lobby, Floor 2, and Rooftop layouts. Read more.


Private Space – This contest area looks at how guest rooms can evolve to integrate health and wellness and adaptivity into their design, creating fulfilling and customizable spaces for guests during their extended stay scenarios. [Inspiration]

Creator: Paul Junhwan


This idea imagined 17John Rooms to have a more modern-style interior design, with some contemporary touches. The materials used are directed to be environment-friendly such as recyclable MDF. Read More.

How To Enter

Visit Prodigy’s site to read the full brief and join the competition. Teams or individuals entering the competition are eligible to enter one, two or all three competition categories.


On Friday, April 11, 2014, PSFK will host the PSFK CONFERENCE 2014—an intimate gathering bring together leading thinkers and changemakers to share stirring new ideas and explore the impact of innovation through the lens of our 2014 theme Connecting the Unexpected.


Prodigy Network

Prodigy Network is known as a pioneer in crowdfunding for real estate. In 2009—after more than 29 projects—Prodigy Network developed an innovative investment  model for crowdfunding in real estate, becoming the world’s leading platform in the field. By doing so, Prodigy introduced a way of democratizing investment opportunities for large-scale projects. Prodigy Network believes that community and transparency are essential to success in real estate.

We hope to see you at there! Click below to buy tickets.


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